navy blue

love the head to toe of the top photo, but would wear the peacoat/skinny denim combo in the bottom photo too!

yikes! maybe he should just stick to taking good photos, and keep his comments about women's bodies to himself. yeah, that would be good.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, love looking at his photos but have long since stopped reading the words and comments.

  2. that's funny...when he said that girl was curvy i didn't understand, "where are the curves??" i guess he was using a poor choice of words or something. i guess she just looks like she has really strong legs.

  3. I was part of the first wave of comments on this post. I have been increasingly disappointed with the Sartorialist, because he seems to be blind to stylish women over a certain (very skinny) size. Oddly, he doesn't have the same blind spot when it comes to men. And then, when he finally posts a photo of a girl that is a smidge curvier than the uber-thin model type he usually features, he feels the need to make a comment on her sturdy legs and other nonsense. He never comments on skinny bodies, or on men. Why did he feel the need to do it to this ravishing woman? I was really hoping the uproar would make him broaden his perspective, and that we would start seeing more variety in the women that he shoots. Thin, curvy, short, tall, old, young, dark, pale... People of all different shapes, sizes, colours etc can be stylish. But alas, it's been more of the same ever since... Such a bummer.

    I do, however, LOVE the all-navy look of these two photos. And as a healthy, curvy, fit size 10, I know I could rock it, even though apparently I would never pass the Sart standard of beauty.

  4. ha, I don't understand the curvy thing either! she's just wearing really skinny jeans, that's why you can see her shape more! love these outfits though, I really want some jeans like that guy.

  5. That Scott really should stick to the photography; it's hard to shoot good photos with your foot in your mouth. Just because he's used to seeing stick thin women in the fashion industry doesn't mean a woman with shapely as opposed to grasshopper legs needs to be singled out with commentary. Why not just post the photos of her without any text, like he does with so many, many other of his pics? Sort of did a similar gaffe when commenting on an African American livery driver once too.

  6. Sigh, my size 10 self was picked at all through high school. Sadly Scott sets the body image standard for many girls today. I've stopped reading/looking at his site, I have nothing in common with him or his subjects.