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after traveling and living with little, i feel overwhelmed by the stuff i've accumulated in our home. sometimes i think living in a tipi would solve this, but then i'd probably just run out of room a whole lot faster. what is it that makes me believe i need more stuff? i have everything i could possibly need.

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  1. When I was a young girl, I wished I could live one day in a tipi... now I'm a little bit older I wish I'll sleep few nights: stuffs I own might be to numerous to fit in !! By the way, I love visiting your blog, your pictures are awsome !! (sorry for my english...)

  2. this may be one of my favorite blog posts ever. Such a good reminder. thank you!

  3. good timing - i've just been plotting a bit of a clean out, getting rid of all the excess "stuff" i accumulate but don't really need.

  4. love visiting your blog!:)

    happy day to you,

  5. I would trade our TV for a horse and some more guns.