ahhh... winter

Norwegian House
top: warmt by semiplume
bottom: norwegian house by semiplume

it seems winter has arrived! i'm always okay with that, especially now since i have no where to be and a nice, warm house to hunker down in. i plan on crossing some items off my christmas knit list this weekend, drinking plenty of tea, coffee and possibly some spiked hot apple cider! stay warm!

all photos in the above collage by the beautiful knitter and fellow winter lover, natalie of owls go hoot


  1. Oh that first sweater is the sweater of my dreams! Cozy winter evenings are so great - happy knitting!

  2. ooh, that sweater is such a find. i really need to scour thrift stores more often. and maybe hunker down this winter and finally learn how to knit sweaters.

  3. i just picked up the knitting needles. ima give it a serious go this round.
    i have a flickr but it's lame, maybe i'll start using it.. i also have email to keep from posting ridiculous comments. maybe you could email me caradenisonATgmail and message me your favorite arrested development line and we can take it from there.

    please and thank you.

  4. it is for those very reasons that I'm embracing winter this year instead of resenting it. what's not to like about cozy times inside in sweaters, comfy socks, and projects to catch up on - not to mention cooking and baking!