little late, little winter

basket of garment house hand quilted pillows and linen scarves by nicolle of sacred lotus

i know that you've all probably heard how fabulous little winter was, but i can't help but add a couple more things. saying i had a good time is an understatement! i can't imagine the weekend going any better. here's the bullet list of all my highlights.
  • chelsea and abby did an amazing, organized, hospitable, beautiful job hosting the sale, and i am so grateful i had the chance to meet and work with them. i didn't just like them both, i really liked them.
  • the cleaners couldn't have been a more perfect location with such beautiful ambiance, character and mood.
  • i'm not sure if all blogger/independent designer events are like this, but every single vendor was amazing and so friendly! i probably shouldn't be surprised by that, but i really feel like i got the chance to make some new friends. i looked forward to lunch break every day! one of my only regrets is not taking more time to circle around the room and talk more. by the time i broke away to buy stuff, we were all tearing our tables down! i was lucky enough to score a couple goods from fieldguided and my house party before they put everything away, but i could have easily emptied my wallet by stopping by each table. i take that back, maybe it's good i didn't make my rounds.
  • i was lucky enough to do a collaboration with the amazing natalie of owls go hoot for the sale. she not only designed my business cards, hang tags, and all things paper related, she also designed exclusive garment house/owls go hoot holiday cards. a few people will be able to land the ones i reserved for the shop, but until then, you can read about them here.
  • portland as a whole was so chill and friendly to the wayfaring sister and i. we felt so welcomed!
  • portland is also home to one of my favorite people, sally shim! she played a huge part in me agreeing to participate in the sale in the first place, but i was thrilled with how much time she set aside to show us around town and be a host that i aspire to be like! i'm so glad we had the chance to catch up.
  • everyone who stopped by my table at the sale was so incredible! it made my year to be able to finally connect with all of you, chat like we already knew each other, and even see some of you wear my garments home from the sale! i don't often get the chance to see people try on what i make, and now i'm tempted to hand deliver all my orders! it was THAT much fun.
  • my sister jenah was an amazing help to me, a comfort through all the stress, my personal paparazzi (i think i took a total of five pictures the whole weekend), and a great travel companion! we had an awesome time and were so thankful to be able to get away from home without too much prep for the little ones, thanks to our wonderful husbands and parents!
since i took so few photos worth posting here, i'll leave it up to you to find ones from people who captured the weekend much more beautifully than i. this amazing video from anja verdugo has also been circulating too, and after you watch it, you will see why.

Little Winter from anja verdugo on Vimeo.

now that the sale is over, i'm slowly trying to catch up on all the neglected emails, administrative work and home stuff. it's been nice to take it down a notch, and catch up with the people i love. i don't know about you, but i'm getting so excited for the upcoming holidays and the chance to be able to eat and spend time with family!


  1. The entire event from the beginning to the end looks magnificent. How fortunate and fulfilling it is to be in ones element (with artists) and like minded people who share the same esthetic and qualities.

    You must have knitted your little heart out with all those beautiful fiber pieces. Cheers to you! I enjoyed the photos so much.

  2. it was so nice to meet you at LW. you had so many beautiful/cozy things at your table! I am glad we had such a good view. I especially loved your hot water bottle covers. made me want to curl right up :)

  3. So glad it went well! and it sounds like you had so much fun! I've totally fallen for that shapes dress...oh and the mittens, and socks, and the cushions...

  4. I love the little baby knit pants, so cute!

    Everything else looked amazing also.

  5. The sale was such a highlight to my year! I am so glad you and Jenah were able to be part of it!! Come back to Portland soon:)