new england

new england collage

after new york, we headed to beautiful new england for a stay with doug's parents. it was wonderful. the weather was great, with only a couple days of rain. we ate outside as many times as we could, judy (doug's mom) grilled amazing food, we went to the seaport, browsed the farmer's market, ate sushi multiple times, held the neighbor's brand new puppies, went on a whale watch, and brought the week to a close with a cookout where we enjoyed eating doug and dave's catch of the day, striper and blue fish, and setting off some crazy fireworks with doug's best friend, chris. even though the week went fast, we felt like we got to relax and spend some quality time with the fam. i even started a new knitting project after judy brought me to the local yarn shop and told me to pick out my birthday present - whatever i wanted! i picked some beautiful lamb's pride wool, and spent the rest of the week working on a sweater that's been in my queue for about a year. now that we're home, working on it reminds me of new england and our beautiful trip back home. i'm sure wearing it will feel the same.

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