twenty-eight, so far so, so good


after telling everyone i'd be turning 29 for weeks, i had the awesome realization that i'm an idiot! i'm only turning 28, silly! at least i wasn't goofing up in the wrong direction - what a bummer that would be, huh? nah, i probably wouldn't care.

anyway, i had a wonderful birthday. we had only been home for a day, and since we had just spent the last two weeks doing some of the coolest stuff you can possibly do, i spent a good portion of my birthday stripping the beds, catching up on laundry, straightening up the disaster of a house we were left with from unpacking, arranging the fresh wildflowers the little neighbor girl stopped by with, and going for a nice, long walk with the dog. i loved it. it felt so good to be home, resting, and getting back into the swing. we kind of stretched my birthday out a from friday to saturday, since doug had a bunch of work to catch up on, making his work day long. once it was time to party though, we got food at one of our favorite restaurants, went to Toy Story 3, ate a bunch of popcorn, hung out at our favorite museum, and just enjoyed being home. doug also took me shopping to pick out my birthday present - a pair of Toms i've been wanting - but after just acquiring my Bensimons, I passed and instead just enjoyed the day. because it was a good one.

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birthday party! by ellybeth featuring J Crew tops
(polyvore is back, people! i forgot how addicting it can be!)


  1. i love those yellow bensimons!

    sounds like a lovely birthday, especially after your whirlwind trip. i keep thinking i'm 28, but alas, that's two years too young. i also can never remember how old matthew is. after a certain point, i guess you kind of forget?

    oh man, i'm so jealous. i really want to see Toy Story 3! maybe leon will stay still for a wednesday matinee.

  2. Happy (late) Birthday Elly! I've totally made the wrong-age birthday mistake too. Sounds like you had a great day! :)

  3. happy birthday! 28 is an odd year -- i keep thinking this is the last year of my 20s but of course i have one more. plus, i didn't know we were the same age!

  4. happy birthday! i turned 28 this weekend too but have been telling everyone that i was 28 all year so it didn't actually feel like i am older, now that it is official. that dress (top?) is really cute, and those candles look like so much fun. :)

  5. happy belated birthday! and I can't think of a better way of celebrating than watching Toy Story 3 and going to your fave museum!

  6. whew, i thought i might be losing my mind! i think i started getting my age mixed up as early as my late teens! i'm going to be a mess by the time i'm in my 50's!

    and thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! before our trip, i figured we'd just be too tired to do anything, but we just did fun, relaxing stuff and it turned out great!

    erica, toy story 3 was great! not to get anyone's hopes up, in case the usual sequel syndrome makes anyone else think it isn't that great. i actually had kind of low expectations because of that, but we really loved it. i used to take t to matinees when she was little, too! they even used to have a "baby appropriate" showing at our local theater that would keep some of the lights on and the volume low. it was awesome!

    happy birthday, laura!!! high fives laura and kelly on being 28!

    thanks casey, i'm so glad i'm not the only one!

    thanks megan, it was totally awesome! when doug asked what i'd like to do, i originally said a free outdoor concert, but since we couldn't find any, this was our last minute back up plan. i think i liked it better!

  7. most adorable outfit ever! perfect for a birthday girl :) love it