muji, madewell, fjällräven, and more!

wow, there are so many things to buy in new york. i was faced with getting everything back home, so i tried my best to be conservative. last summer i don't think i bought any clothing while visiting jenny, and this year i didn't want to return home empty-handed. not that i really NEED anything, but with my birthday just around the corner, i figured i could treat myself to a couple of things. as long as they were easy to pack, that is.

our first stop was Muji, with it being just around the corner from our hotel. i noticed the french linen tunic in striped blue (pictured in pink) right away, but went back a couple days later when i couldn't find anything that i liked better. such soft linen on sale can't be argued with. it's so light and airy, i've been wearing it non-stop. i couldn't resist some of the mini-office supplies at Muji too, which ended up coming in handy on long train and plane rides. i also bought a steel tape dispenser for my studio, and was dumb enough to pack it in my carry-on on the way home, which meant a little extra time in the security line! it is a little weird looking, i guess.

hands down, one of my favorite stores was Fjällräven, a swedish outdoor gear manufacturer, on Moss Street. the flagship U.S. store sits at the bottom of a vintage scandinavian wallpaper lined stairway, where a tree of mini kånken wait to greet you. the walls of backpacks, photographs of sweden, and loads of swedish goods were complete heaven to me. as i was busy formulating a plan of how i could start living in the store without anyone noticing, the owner asked me if i needed anything. ummm, one of everything? but we left only with what we headed there for, a kånken and mini, just perfect for our journeys ahead. oh, and a bar of greenland wax, after the owner totally sold me on it with the super cool demonstration how to waterproof ANYTHING!

jenny and i had planned on taking one of shabd's tie dye classes, but after a mix up on the class time, we just stopped by to say hi instead. i got a chance to meet lena corwin, see her amazing studio, and somehow walk away with one of her beautiful travel posters. aww, it even has a mom and baby humpback whale on it! be still my heart.

being pressed for time at both uniqlo and madewell, i only picked up a pair of grey extra long leggings (uniqlo) that are now the best i own, and a pair of yellow bensimon slip-ons (madewell) which were marked down 50%. the sizes and colors were really picked over, so i just went with whatever fit. it's great to have a pair of summer shoes that are easy to get on, but aren't sandals. i love sandals, but i always end up washing my dirty feet at the end of the long, dusty summer days.

my in-laws live pretty close to an h&m, so i stopped by on one of the days they were having their summer sale. i didn't get much, but i did find a denim dress marked down 50%. after not being able to decide which one to get, the dark chambray or light denim, i got both for the price of one. ooooo, indulgent!

so, most of what i got was very plain and functional - just how i like it!


  1. You got some really cute stuff! I want those shoes and one of the backpacks really badly.

  2. thank you! i recommend both! i found a pair of bensimon's on piperlime on sale:


    and also, when i was talking to the owner at the moss street store, he said they've marked down their fjällräven packs because they figured out how to ship without having to go through so many customs! i was prepared to pay much more than i did.

  3. and my personal opinion, i kind of recommend getting the bensimon's on sale. they were a little stiff at the heel and have very little support (something i rarely care about, but i noticed a lot with these). for the half price, they were worth it. thought it might be worth mentioning.

  4. I love my Fjallraven mini and loved your picture of the tree! I can't wait to visit the store on my next trip to NY in Sept. And good to know about the Bensimon's stiffness... I almost bought some but thought they might cause blisters.

  5. the tree was so adorable!!! i want one in my house!

    yeah, they definitely take some breaking in. they still pinch my toes a bit too, but i think i might have pretty wide feet. they could be totally different for someone with narrow feet. i still really love them and wear them a lot.

  6. ...very plain and functional" totally describes my aesthetic too. i like to add "classic" too to make it sound even nicer. i pretty much want one of everything you bought but i'm really, really desperate for a fjallraven. i really need to go to new york at least once!

  7. Elly, you got the best kind of souvenirs from NYC! I am thrilled to learn about the Greenland Wax, as I have a great waxed cotton jacket (Barbour-like, from Boden of all places) that I would like to make more waterproof. I'm going to have to pick up a bar at the Fjällräven store next time I leave the 'burbs and head into the city.

    I know that everyone and their sister is raving about the Bensimon sneakers, and though I agree they're really cute I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on shoes I knew wouldn't last more than one summer. I ended up getting a pair of knock-offs from Old Navy:
    They're a hybrid of the lace-ups and the slip-ons, and the most comfortable shoes I own from the moment I first put them on. For $16, I don't care if they fall apart! (PS: They're on sale right now, limited colors for $14)

  8. i love when i leave a place with some satisfying purchases! that greenland wax is very tempting.. i am imagining all the things i would love to have waterproofed. hmmm..