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Fjällräven, New York flagship store
Fjällräven, New York flagship store

most of you can tell by my flickr photos that we've been traveling for the last couple of weeks. doug had to make it out to nyc for business, so we all tagged along, with a little detour on our way home to visit family. it was so much fun! so much in fact, that i spent very little time online/on my computer while we were gone, and have had a huge number of photos to go through and upload now that we're home. i could spend days going through the places we visited and things we did, but knowing that will NEVER get done, i'll instead let you go ahead and check out my pictures which should say enough.

we had a whole lot of fun riding the subway (and one time accidentally taking the express train, which just turned out to be fun), walking as many miles as my feet and the mini-feet walking beside me would allow, visiting with friends, eating plenty of awesome food, and enjoying watching the people, vibrant colors and architecture of the city. we didn't have much of an itinerary or checklist, which ended up working beautifully since some stuff came up that would have thrown off the plans anyway. for such a busy city, we really felt like we were on vacation and that the world was right outside our hotel door. we had the freedom to just go with it. i loved that.

i picked up some really great things while we were in new york too, which i'll talk about soon!

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