spring collection 2010

the spring preview is up on flickr, finally! finally. i didn't realize how long photographing everything would take since i have four times as many items as i usually do. i haven't set a date to release everything, but i'll let you all know once i do.

and thank you by the way for all your kind comments lately! people just keep stopping by and saying such nice things - it really makes my day. hopefully i should be able to answer your questions soon too.


  1. Wow, the new line is really too cute! Great job!

  2. ok, i am IN LOVE with this line. and are those knots called monkey fists? i tried to make a necklace from (monkey fist) knotting a knit i-cord and it was a disaster. yours are great!

  3. oh, elly! you're awesome.

  4. Elly, your designs are so beautiful and look infinitely wearable.

    Do you ship internationally? Any of these items would be perfect to wear whilst cycling through the Swedish countryside this summer... ; )

  5. agh, thank you everyone!

    kelly, those are money fists! a lot of fun once you get the hang of them.

    fiona, i do ship internationally. i'd be so thrilled to send a package to sverige!

  6. Oh that's great news! But I'd be so lucky to snap something up - I'm sure it'll all sell so quickly. I particularly love your peter pan blouse or your other short-sleeved top - as does everyone I think!