here comes a visible horizon...

lately it's just endless, endless, endless work and housework. it's been kind of therapeutic for me though, and thankfully i have phoenix to keep me going - a new to me band from france that doug passed on. and i think he's a little sorry he did because they've been on repeat all day, all night. i'm usually pretty stubborn and skeptical when it comes to new music, but only one song into wolfgang amadeus phoenix and i knew i loved it. they're just so peppy and uplifting - just what i need lately. i think that tonight i might hold an end of the week disco dance-off to fences to see how many moves the fam can pull out! i'm pretty sure neither doug or i will be the winners.

it's hard to choose, but i think girlfriend, love like a sunset: part 2, or countdown may be my favorites though. obviously, i'm no good at playing favorites.

but all this hard work is coming to an end, and i think i'm going to have a little something to share with everyone this afternoon! if you're interested in staying on top of all the green olives shop happenings, just check back here or sign up for my mailing list to know right when i'll be opening up shop.


  1. Strange how Phoenix are ignored here in France and really do well in the US and UK. I love their album too. Did you know their singer was Sofia Coppola's partner and the father of her daughter?

  2. I love Phoenix! My friend introduced me to them a little awhile ago and they are so infectious.

  3. woohoo! can't wait to see what you've been making! i agree, phoenix really helps you get through a sewing day. mgmt did that last year for me while i was going through a terrible slump and i had a crap ton of work to do. also, you might want to check out princeton. i heard them last week at the camera obscura show and they were pretty upbeat and fun. http://www.myspace.com/princetonmusic

  4. I looove Phoenix. You should also check out Passion Pit - they're great for a party or cleaning alike.

  5. i'm seeing them next weekend at coachella! i can't wait!

    also, i love love love that thomas is with sofia coppola and they're about to have their 2nd baby! i have a (not so little) girlcrush on sofia.

  6. anneemall: i had no idea! but as i was listening, i kept thinking about the marie antoinette soundtrack (which they might be on, but i didn't check)! makes sense now.

    and thanks for all the excellent music recommendations everyone!!! since i'm never aware of the coolest-newest music anymore, i think i'll start talking about it more on here and making everyone else do the legwork! everything suggested was perfect.

    sarah, i'm not surprised that you noticed the two scarf dealy! it's been so cold here!