hello tuesday

no, i don't have my days mixed up, i just have something new to look forward too every tuesday of the week. i've talked about natalie and her amazing owls go hoot merchandise before, but recently she launched a new blog-project hello tuesday, combining her photo-taking and graphic/illustration skills. i think the above photo is especially great. you should really hop on over, she's brilliant.

i also can't wait to get my hands on some of her newest designs. hands down, doug and i have agreed Tove's Iceberg is our favorite.

i haven't closed the giveaway yet, mostly because i'm still loving the responses and also because i had a super busy weekend. i've been meaning to sew up the "billy buttons" a bit to make them more round, and then they'll be ready to ship! so not to be a broken record, but comment away!


  1. I love this--one great blog recommending another! I like the simple concept of hello tuesday, and even before I saw her backstory on the London phone box photo I immediately thought "Harry Potter!".

    Elly, I hope you won't think it rude of me to mention here, but I am currently having a small giveaway of a necklace and photos on my blog
    and a sale in my Etsy shop)
    I would be so happy if you would stop by and enter the giveaway! Thanks :)

  2. Hi Elly!

    Your blog is great - and thanks for your kind words about mine! Wow!
    Your creations are beyond beautiful and I look forward to seeing more.

    All the best, Sarah B.