april showers

image: summer rain by mista moose

yesterday the weather was absolutely beautiful - an ideal spring day. we walked, we picked up trash at the park, we fed the birds; it was wonderful. as the sun began to set, i noticed some very dark, gray clouds moving in. i had heard snow was expected, but seeing the thermometer read 75 degrees, i hoped it would be rain. last night i fell asleep with my hand on doug's chest, listening to the drops hit the rooftop. spring is finally here.

i don't want this post to take away from the giveaway below, and i hope everyone continues to leave comments. i'm enjoying them so much. if you'd like, feel free to spread the word too. everyone loves themselves a giveaway!

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  1. i'm new to your blog and very happy to have stumbled upon it! your earth day pasta looks delicious and your "doug" sounds lovely. i'm off to check out your store now!