adorable "love smoke" card from owls go hoot

we have some really awesome plans this weekend for valentine's day and i'm looking forward to it. that sounds too grown up - i'm frothing at the mouth, shaking with excitement, and penciling in getting my valentine's candy sugar rush on. i was going to surprise doug with the ski ridge tour i arranged for him as his valentine's gift, but he basically pinned me down and squashed the breath out of me until i'd tell him. well not really, but he still somehow got me to spill the beans. and i love surprises. or rather, i love being the one that knows the surprise. i turn even more nuts than doug if i suspect something is up, and threaten everything i can think of until someone tells me what's going on.

valentine's day seven years ago was when doug asked me to marry him, which kind of makes it an extra special day for us. for our second wedding anniversary, i made a (dorky) movie for doug, and had the wonderful idea post it on here! (doug, i'm figuring it's a lot better to ask for forgiveness than permission on this one.) watching it is so crazy now, knowing that it was only our second year of marriage and we had been through so much. i am so happy to have had him by my side to brave all the changes with. maybe everyone feels like that.

please excuse me though, i have a date with a box of smarties and bowl of m&m's. i'll probably just cringe through this anyway.


  1. that video is adorable! i love how doug is smiling/laughing through the entire thing!

  2. aww! elly, you guys are so flippin' cute! that was great. :)

  3. This is gorgeous! Can I admit to being a bit teary? Love the music. Hope you don't mind me popping over for a visit to your blog, I think your work is rad. And awesome. And other cool words.

  4. So cute & sweet! Was that Lord Camden Inn right on the main street of Camden ME? 21 years ago, my Valentine & I honeymooned there, we road tripped to Camden from here (Ann Arbor, MI) via Montreal; that might have been our best trip every.... Thank you for the sweet reminder!

    best - Annri

  5. you love being the one who knows the surprise? yep. you are so hard to surprise! : ) you're such a good wife, jeez. i need to up my valentine's day game this year.

    that video is so freaking sweet. and totally cheesy. but then the laughter and crassness totally made up for how cheesy it was! it was pretty touching though. dang you for using that music to manipulate my emotions! just kidding. it makes me want to go through me and joe's old photos. i wouldn't even know how to make a video of them though. i can't believe how good you are at making videos.

    that card that natalie designed is really cute.

    hope you guys have fun and that your v-day is everything you want it to be and more. you're a rad couple. and i don't use the word rad lightly.

  6. you guys are really ace!

  7. So, I don't actually "know" you at all but I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now and really enjoy it. And I've just gotta say, this video made me like you just a little bit more than I really did:)

    Something about it, I'm not even sure what; maybe just that you shared something so personal and so natural. And the shots with you and Doug and your new baby... remind me of the most amazing days in my life.

  8. Where's the video? I bet it's super cute!

  9. that was so sweet!! i love your short hair so much!! and the baby part just melts your heart. hope you dont mind that i kinda love looking at your stuff! youre so talented and inspiring!! thanks for a glimpse into your life with your hubby!