v-day on the brain-ay

man, there are so many good valentine idea out there on that world wide web, my head is going to explode! the thought of making valentines is always nice somewhere in january, but then you start to zoom through february, and the elaborate valentines you see martha make with ease don't sound fun anymore. but i like to dream. and one day, valentines won't be an almost-afterthought.

growing up, once we got the years of rubber-stamping valentines out of our system, my mom, sisters and i would pour over martha stewart magazines and television show every holiday and start planning all the beautiful things we could make. i especially remember our halloween, christmas, and valentine's projects. one year, my little sister squirreled away in the craft room for who knows how many days leading up to valentines and made everyone in the family personalized cards. i believe mine was either this beautiful hand-stitched card or something having to do with quilling. i think she was ten. and they were all immaculate. even though i have a terrible memory, that valentine's always stands apart from the rest.

but for this year, i kept it simple. there has been a lot of school projects that have taken a bit of the creative steam out of me, so we ended up making some killer, super easy valentines for our family and friends who live far away. unfortunately, i only got two sent out today, but i hope to get the rest sent out tomorrow and i'll just cross my fingers that they'll get to everyone on time. because i can't wait. they are so cute! and i'm just hoping that none of my family reads my blog. i'll share the source for this idea later so i don't spoil the surprise, but a lot of you may have seen it already. this project gets a thumbs up from me, fo sho.


  1. What a fun idea! totally sweet. And by the way, your shop items were great, inspiring, and made me wanty! :)

    best - Annri

  2. How sweet! I'd love to see where you got them when you can share. Happy Valentine's Day to your family.

  3. Great post and your valentines look absolutely adorable! If you ever want to try your hand at quilled ones, I posted some simple ideas on my blog.

  4. such sweet memories. i definitely have some good v-day memories and some really bad ones too! family crafting sounds amazing though.

    i can't wait to get my valentine with T's photos! they look even cuter than i imagined.

  5. I love those photo valentine's! Hmmm . . . an idea for next year!

  6. I was hoping that I could find this post. I remembered it from last year and wanted to add it to my list of ideas. Thank you!!