m.i.a. because of the m & f.i.l.

i've been busy this last week hanging out with doug's mom and dad who have been in town. after waving goodbye to them this morning, the effects from the week's events caught up with me all at once. the time together was full of awesome food, walks around downtown in the snow, browsing the local shops, visiting the magical thrift store multiple times, getting some serious air on the slopes with doug's dad (am i right dave? chest bump), and watching both parents fight over the pink snuggie each afternoon for reading/nap time. i couldn't have asked for more. the house feels so empty without them.

to avoid crawling into bed 8 hours before i should, i decided to work on the shop a bit today, so two dresses are available in the shop now! i was having quite the time with my light meter today, so my apologies.


  1. Hello there...I am one of your newest fans...you had me at the tundra dress...love it...I live on a farm so the cool boots (which in my mind I pretended were work boots) speak to me where I live...in dirt...with cows. Just wanted to say I featured that dress on my blog today...I linked to your blog which I hope was ok. please visit...farmandfrufru.blogspot.com. come by anytime...and thanks for the eye candy that is your line...beautiful

  2. that first photo is so stark and beautiful.

  3. i love these dresses! can't wait to learn how to sew a dress!