with love in every stitch

seamless hybrid, from "knitting without tears" by elizabeth zimmerman

i finally finished a sweater for doug that i actually LOVE! all that work, and this time it was worth it. i really wanted to make him at least one thing for christmas (or as a backup, his birthday which is a couple weeks later) this year. i like taking the time to make things for the people i love. it gives me a chance to slow things down and put some love into a gift. plus, nothing beats using your skills to provide warmth for your family.

i loved the yarn i used for this sweater. it’s 100% wool but still very soft - the kind of yarn that makes you want to hug the person wearing the sweater just to feel how soft it is. i was nervous about the color like i am with all knitted gifts, but now i'm glad i went with the green instead of a more boring grey or black.

even though this holiday season was hectic, i am so glad i found the time to finish this gift. i always have a bit of hesitation to finishing garments because of the dread of it not fitting, but it was so rewarding to see the sweater get tried on for the first time, it fitting exactly how i imagined it would. doug saying it's his new favorite sweater all the time doesn't hurt either.


  1. that's beautiful! the yarn looks perfect in that sweater. lucky guy. :)

    best - annri

  2. That's awesome!

    My husband never wants handknits..... I'm always offering. Finally, he's stated he *might* want a cardigan! I'll show him this post!

  3. i can't even believe it. you are such a good wife. the yarn is beautiful, and it fits perfectly! this is the perfect men's pullover. step aside, steven alan. : )

  4. you are so amazing. amazing. just love this. i wanna make my husband one now! i just gotta learn to read a pattern....