forced breaks

even though they're still qualified as "breaks," it takes me a long time to wind down when it's not my choice. so long in fact, that i'll just start to chill out and then it's time to get back to work. sickness is usually the culprit in our house. it never fails, as soon as i start to get into some good sewing, some crud comes along to bring everything to a screeching halt. i'm learning to let go, but i'm finding that i'm more terrible at it than i thought i was. i grumble and complain and at times, refuse to let go of things that no one can change. i even get so mad sometimes that i scream at everyone in the house. yep, i sure can scream. doug calls it my "mom voice." he may joke, but he also listens and cares. i'm so thankful for that.

i'm in search of a balance though. kids make you aware of priorities in life. what message am i sending my kid if the entire world falls apart when someone gets sick. no work is more important than your health. but i think a balance exists between pausing long enough when hard stuff happens, but also not to letting it ruin your life.

honestly though, i'm still getting the hang of interruptions. and i think there's a long road ahead of me.


  1. it really looks like you created some magical moments for her in her room while she was sick. (* maybe it's also good for her to know nobody's perfect.)

  2. exactly! perfection is a killer. it can be damaging in so many different ways. i can try not to lose my cool so that no one sees me freaking out, and then with the sick days stuff, you can sort of set an expectation in the house that no one can get sick because it messes up the momentum.

    her little leaf was so adorable, I WANTED TO CRAWL UNDER IT AND SLEEP THE DAY AWAY!

  3. I struggle with the same issues with my family. When everything is going perfectly, I feel like I do a good job of keeping my priorities straight and my sanity in tact. But things never stay perfect for long; there are always interruptions - sick days, broken down cars, whatever! And all of a sudden it seems like there is just too much to manage. So... I'm also working on trying to keep my cool on those types of days:)

  4. i do not do well with the unexpected. my 'mom' voice gets louder and louder by the day. who knew caring for an 11 month old 7 hours a days for 2 weeks could make you crazy?

    i hope everyone is feeling better, now!