more bedroom progress - i finally took the plunge and hung some pictures! the globe was found at a garage sale and since there's an interest in geography lately, it couldn't be better timing. i found the sweet little typewriter's desk at the thrift store for five dollars, and i made the bulletin board in a total of ten minutes out of some leftover particle board, felt, huge rubber bands from office depot, and a ninety cent tea towel from IKEA. we're all ready for the school year!


  1. i really love your blog and your flickr, it´s really really nice.


  2. That's such a good idea with the massive elastic bands! And it looks really cool. And that thrift store...

  3. Hello!
    Love the grey sweater! I have a question for you since you seem to be well educated with sewing/knitting. Is there any way you can transform a jumpsuit into a dress? I know it sounds silly but I absolutely love the print on a jumpsuit I bought a couple of weeks ago and to be honest they sold it in a dress first but by the time I went back to buy the dress it was all sold out (just my luck). So I was just wondering if I could transform the jumpsuit into a dress, what you think.

  4. What a beautiful blog! Found you through Jenny G. Correct me if I´m wrong, but are you Swedish? Got the feeling by your Flickr-name "olivgrön".



  5. I have been searching for these giant rubber bands! Thanks lady.

  6. ohhhhh wooooow i really love that first picture's color palette. its truly wonderful, it reminds me of a fancy lady's white aluminum christmas tree with pastel lights and pastel ornaments.