sorry i've been gone, but i've actually been gone!

  • we spent the last month finishing off our summer by traveling to see our families and friends. first trip was to doug's parent's home for two weeks and we had so much fun! we spent our visit on and in the ocean, searching for shells on the beach, eating lobster, having campfires, checking out an nearby alpaca farm, going to the seaport, aquarium, and lighthouse museum, knitting, watching movies, playing pinball in the basement (how cool is that?!), eating great food, and just enjoying our time with the family. even though two weeks sounded like a big chunk of time as we were packing up to leave home, the time flew by so fast! i'm so glad i took plenty of pictures to remember it.
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    1. I love those red sandals! perfect for the beach and skipping around in. Adorable!