little red stove

i love our home, and one of the only downsides is that it doesn't have a fireplace. or a woodstove. we've talked about getting one, but the work and money it would take to put one in is just more than we're willing to invest. i found this little electric woodstove as a fun, inexpensive alternative. it only arrived yesterday, and already, we're arguing about who's room it's going to plant itself in. so far instead of picking a permanent spot, we're enjoying being able to move it from room to room. i'm talking every couple of hours it's in a different spot in the house.

during this snowy afternoon, it's keeping me nice and warm in my otherwise very chilly studio. it's looking pretty cozy in here.



  1. super fun, elly! i was seriously considering getting one similar to this one before christmas when my room was terribly cold. i decided to go with the cheaper space heater, though. but it's still on my future wish list!

  2. Oh my stars, that's the cutest little stove ever! I just love the color, too!

    Keep cozy warm!

  3. that is a whole cuppa cute...and RED! the best. might be perfect for my mother's little apartment we are adding on for her!

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  5. I'd quite fancy it as a decorative center piece regardless of the warmth! is it a good heater though? as well as being pretty!