holy beards

Anders Wedin, Enånger, Hälsingland, Sweden
Karl Oskar Lööw, Fredhäll, Uppland, Sweden
Ollas Per Persson, Almo, Dalarna, Sweden
Mr and Mrs Lundström, Gävle, Gästrikland, Sweden
Carl Persson, Betsede, Uppland, Sweden
Oskar Almgren, Stockholm, Sweden
Djurgården park, Stockholm, Sweden
doug and i have been pining for sweden. there's even talk of digging out our passports.


  1. don't wait too long! it is almost spring now and it will be lovely. :)

  2. Come on over! You might be disappointed if you're expecting beards like those, though ;)

    Greetings from Jönköping, Sw.

  3. woah! those beards are out of controll. wonderful. i want sweden in my life too. xx oo

    happy weekend.

  4. Corbyn and I almost went to Gothenburg in the half-term just gone as we kept finding cheap flights! We were thinking of going in the summer instead...meet you there?!