the beauty of making

braids, of course.

top: natalie of owls-go-hoot
middle: anna of gracefullady
bottom: elena of elenagold (side note - i've seen this sweater she designed in person! it's incredible!)

these three blogs are my resource for finding inspiration in the winter. not the "blogged and reblogged" fashion inspiration, but the real, "ooo, i want to make that!" kind of inspiration. and motivation in the winter is always something i seem to lack.

all three lovely ladies design, knit, and sew. and do it well. what more could you want?


  1. Oh WOW. I *must* have those shoes in the top shot. Gooorgeous!

    And you're right - so hard to get inspired this time of year but they make winter look so comforting and inviting.

  2. elena and anna are two of my favorites (i think i first heard of anna through your interview with her a while back) and i'll have to check out natalie too!

  3. Thanks Elly!
    I'm starting to look past just the "pretty" at the "doable" with blogs, and it's hard to figure out where to start.

  4. Aw, Elly like-wise with you! whenever I'm in need of inspiration I always hit your blog first! :)

  5. oh gosh, thank you Elly! i feel the same about you! (and natalie and anna for that matter!) hope you are feeling better...

  6. aw, elly! you're the best! you gals are a huge inspiration for me as well! xo :)