wings + horns

wings + horns robe
ace hotel is now selling the wings + horns robes they have in their rooms for guests. i don't know about anyone else that's stayed at the ace, but by the end of the day at the little winter sale back in november, i think both my sister and i were starting to look forward to taking a nice warm shower and throwing on these soft robes. i absolutely loved them. i've been working with french terry lately, and i'm sure they'd be easy to make, but for anyone who's in the market for a new robe, these are really nicely made. i can't imagine anything comfier than one of these paired with my ever-growing slipper collection.


  1. I LOVED the bathrobes at the Ace in Portland. That is one bathrobe worth saving up for.

  2. They look almost exactly like the robe I got my husband for Christmas from LL Bean. Very soft!