cold and cozy


we're slowly starting to decorate the house for christmas. look familiar? I am so excited to use my Little Winter goods to freshen up my tired holiday decorations. i've decided that whatever i don't use this year is getting dropped off at the magical thrift store, along with the four mondo-huge garbage bags full of clothes and toys (shhhh...)!

i can't wait to go on our yearly trek to cut down the christmas tree, but it will have to wait a bit more since i'm stuck inside this weekend with some nasty, achy flu. bleh. but from where i sit on the living room couch, the few decorations we have up look festive and cheery. now, off to make myself some tea and watch a good holiday movie.

Winter Songs from Crush Creative on Vimeo.


  1. Totally missed out on that wreath a few weeks ago while doing my holiday shopping at iKea, they have some amazingly beautiful lights this year tho. Sigh I love this time of year. Feel better.

  2. love your decorations; reminds me very much of all the danish ornaments my mom puts up (and now so do i). hope you feel better soon, and a holiday movie sounds like a great idea that i might just copy!

  3. All your decorations are so great! I'm on the hunt for things like this myself - simple but cozy.

  4. love all your little decorations - can't wait to start putting some things like that up. hope you feel better soon!