little winter

little winter by shanna murray

there's been a change in the weather, wind and sky round these parts. the days are getting slightly shorter, cooler and much more peaceful. i love it. especially because it's has helped me to start digging into the work i need to do for the little winter market i'll be taking part in come November in Portland. i'm so excited to be a part of this sale, put together by abby powell thompson and chelsea fuss. these two ladies are already hard at work to make this sale killer, and the lineup of vendors is fantastic! please, won't you stop by?

even though i was prepared for this to happen, i'm a little nervous about being forced to start things so late. time at my sewing machine has been non-existent during this super busy summer, and i'm trying hard to remember that it's okay. i've been saying since the beginning that it'd be a whole lot better to show up with one shirt and have the chance to meet everyone, than kill myself trying to put together an over the top collection and being burnt out at the sale.

i have been knitting my fingers off whenever i can steal the chance though, and i'm hoping this will offer more items in a variety of price ranges since not everyone can afford the more expensive garments i make. funny thing is, most knitting projects, even the smallest ones end up taking more of my time than anything i sew. i just am thrilled whenever anyone is interested in things i make, and that to me is worth more than anyone can pay me!
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  1. Can't wait to see what you make, Elly! Thanks for the post!

  2. We might need a support group, because I am in no way prepared! The little stacks of fabric piled on my chair laughed at me all summer long as I did other things.

  3. i'm so bummed, because we just moved away from portland last week! :(

  4. so excited for this! we had planned to visit portland that weekend and a girlfriend of mine and i are planning on going :)

  5. Elly, I am hoping to be able to visit my friend Heather in Portland that weekend, and if I do, we will definitely be stopping by Little Winter. I am so excited to possibly meet you and Anabela in person! Definitely try not to work yourself to the bone for this one--it just seems like an awesome opportunity to surround yourself with creative women who make beautiful things, and I know that whatever you bring to the fair will be amazing.

  6. Anabela, even after a couple of weeks, I STILL feel the same way. I seriously like that support group idea. SEEEER-iously.

    Chelsea, thanks for organizing this sale and keeping the ball rolling! I can barely wait!

    Whitney, what a bummer! You don't have anyone in Portland that needs a visit that weekend, do you?

    No way Kristin, are you serious?! You too, Kristien! It's going to be a party!!!

  7. Wish I could go! Looks like it'll be wonderful:)