you know the saying...

jordan + jeanette and their matching Fjällräven packsjordan + jeanette
the gang

"...to have good friends, you must be a good friend?" well, i've found that regardless of how bad of a friend i can be, i'm still fortunate to have amazing people in my life. first, i lucked out and married my all time best friend (we even have matching b.f.f. jewelry - it's called wedding rings). on top of that, i have more friends than i deserve that have supported, loved and cared for me, no matter how good of a friend I am to them. isn't that rare?

over the weekend, one of my best friends (and a good friend of doug's too) jeanette, stopped by our house on her way back home to canada for a visit and to introduce her new husband jordan to us. we had the best time catching up, giving them a mini-tour of our town, stopping by the magical thrift store, eating good food and of course, reminiscing just a tiny bit about the "old days." even though we don't get to see each other often, and i'm terrible at keeping in touch, it was great to spend time with someone who makes you feel like none has passed at all.

as our little family stood waving goodbye to them from our front porch as they drove away, i couldn't help but get a little choked up, knowing how lucky i am.


  1. That's wonderful! I love how as you get older you realize you don't need to see good friends often for them to stay good friends.

    This weekend I spent the day with two college friends, one who I see a few times a year, and one who I hadn't seen for more than 15 years. We fell right into chatting and laughing away like not a day had passed.

  2. Oh man, I think I may have those sunglasses. Hahaha. Looks like a lovely weekend!

  3. i love that they have matching backpacks and hair.

  4. i smiled so big when i saw this...the internet is a crazy place!! I found your blog somehow, a bunch of months ago and always peeked to see what else you had sewn.....thinking you were far off in internet land. And now I see people I know on here! heee! how funny and delightful! the world is smaller than we think? I go to church with Jannette and Jordon and we share lots of friends. glad to know the good people I know are some of the good people you know.

    happy monday!! xo