pink + green

gift from june and mark
gift from june and mark

i've been having a really good mail month, obviously. i just received this beautiful pashmina wool scarf from june and mark the other day. yeah that's right, jenny's brother and sister in law! they brought it back all the way from china during one of their recent visits, and i'm not sure the photos capture just how gorgeous this scarf is. or how soft.

along with a great card, the scarf was wrapped using floral tape as ribbon. brilliant june, brilliant!

no offense family, but i might ask to be adopted by the gordys. i'm pretty sure you would too.

oh and that's some bright, new nail polish, hey? matches my gift!


  1. that scarf is soo beautiful! you are lucky. :)

    (is that green bow on the package made out of tissue paper? because if it is, that is incredible.)

  2. wow. such a lovely post.

    Im your new follower. :)

    Hope you are well miss.

  3. I love good mail months! they're the best for changing sour moods into pleasant ones...and I LOVE that nail polish color!

  4. the scarf is gorgeous and i love pink + green, love your wedding rings, too!