all images from factory 20's website

i wish every wall of my home looked like a photo from factory 20's site. i love the gray in all of these shots, but the beauty of the old furniture is for sure the star. i actually gasped at the prices on factory 20's site - check out the $325 price tag on the log stool table. i think i'll just make sure to keep my eyes peeled the next time we're out hiking. to me, half the fun of buying something old is the hunt it takes through thrift stores and yard sales to find furniture unique and inexpensive. and now i'm crossing my fingers that i'll come across an industrial stainless steel mixing bowl the next time i'm at the magical thrift store. but of course, wanting one is pretty much going to ruin my chances of ever finding it!


  1. Ooh, these are great indeed. But I completely agree with you that the fun part is to find this kind of things yourself, not spend atrocious amounts of money on them. About the hunting, I also remember how great it was to find a looked-after second-hand CD in a jumble sale. Now I can order anything from the internet, but it doesn't feel like I've found a little treasure.

  2. these photos are so you! you're right, it's all gorgeous. so inspiring for your future thrifting adventures, right?

  3. I don't know, dude. Somehow, a mental wish list seems to help my luck at the thrift store. Not instantly or anything, but eventually. I guess it helps keep me more aware while shopping. Maybe the key is keeping it a "wish" list and not an "obsession" list (easier said than done, I know!). Lovely photos, by the way!