speaking of lykke li

olivia via moderniteter

amanda via moderniteter

swedes really have stuff figured out - fashion, aesthetic, furniture, movies, music (oh see, now you thought i'd link to something cooler like first aid kit or loney, dear. no sir!) and meatballs. oh, and rap. don't forget the rap. but those åkerman sisters, amanda and olivia, are jättebra!


  1. Yo where is your shout out to kebabtallrik???

  2. Seriously. Can I please have both of these outfits?

  3. doug, my love affair with kebabtallrik deserves its own blog post.

    kate, me too. that wool coat olivia is wearing is dreamy.

  4. that jacket in the first picture is amaizing. love it.

  5. loving both...but totally wanting the top outfit :)

  6. Hej Elly,

    Tack så mycket for this post! I am living in Sweden now for one year and it's helpful to have some pointers to lovely things here. I always enjoy your blog.

    Hej då!


  7. so it's unanimous, that coat is TO. DIE. FOR. yes?

    hi fiona! i'm in no way an expert on sweden (just obsessed with it. that country has a way of charming people, doesn't it?) but what doug said - go on a journey today to find yourself some kebabtallrik if you haven't already! so unhealthy, but it's french fry perfection. and if you're a typically healthy person, forget what i just told you.

    and i was so sad to move on from this post. i could have ended my blog forever with it.