i usually have a case of the mondays,

but this monday, i have a strong urge to get the week going. it was wonderful to take a bunch of time off for visitors, and i guess it was just what i needed to restore, and attack the new month (is anyone else dying that its march ALREADY?!). to start things off on the right foot, i spent a lot of the morning catching up on emails with candles and my mouse in a cup friend to keep me company, listened to lykke li, cleaned, and finished up the loads of laundry i started over the weekend and didn't get a chance to finish. as always, i hope this means the brand new month is off to a great start.

by the way, your paperwhite comments made me laugh! i actually had given a matching amaryllis kit to my neighbor for christmas, and now i'm thankful i did. next year, i'll remember to double up on the amaryllis and leave the paperwhites on the shelf.

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