oh georgia...

while waiting to meet with our accountant the other day, doug handed me a book on georgia o'keeffe to pass the time. i found the pictures of her to be really beautiful, especially this one. every time i feel myself getting excited about the warming weather, i see something that reminds me how wonderful the winter is. georgia's sweater makes me realize that i should have really finished up all those sweaters in my knitting basket. i do this every year - remember my too-late-for-winter humanoid last year? oh well, i guess it just gives you something to work on in the summer, and a finished product to look forward to wearing when it gets cold enough.

but on the other hand, here are a couple other photos of georgia that remind me of our roadtrips to moab and western colorado and the beautiful warm weather. i believe doug's fierce love affair with the west is starting to grow on me.


  1. i too am a big georgia o'keeffe fan.

    my mom had 3 or 4 pictures of hers in our farm house growing up.

    i find her fascinating.

  2. she really has a fascinating history and is an inspiring woman. Her home and studio are awfully inspiring too if you ever get a chance to visit. There was a lifetime movie that was done on her that is actually really good.

  3. her husband was a famous photographer and gallery owner -alfred stieglitz, who took many photographs of her during their life together. he is one who has been credited with bringing modernism to the united states.