l.l. bean signature and chocolate chocolate chip

a couple nights ago, i was holding my nightly ritual of eating way too much alden's chocolate chocolate chip ice cream and talking to doug, when i noticed an l.l. bean signature catalog sitting in the pile of mail. i can't tell if it was the alden's induced high i was on, but it didn't take long before i was drooling over everything in the catalog! the photographs were a big part of it for sure, with a very summer-out-east meets toast feel. since i'm working in this color palette and style for spring, i'm sure it won't be long before this catalog is in pieces and taped to my inspiration wall.


  1. Very nice outfits indeed! Blue and camel/brown together is such a great combination.

  2. I've decided to spend the summer in loose khakis, gray hanes sweatshirts, jack purcells, and topsiders. Perhaps classic ll bean rather than signature, but it gets the job done. ;)

    Hope you're all well!