northern lights :: winter collection

there's going to a shop update this tuesday. 2.2.2010 at 2pm est! i could have held it earlier, but then writing out the date and time wouldn't have been half as much fun.


  1. so exciting + what a perfect name! (northern lights). on a side note the last time i was at ikea i wanted to get that fabric but they were out (boo). maybe i'll try my luck online.

  2. oooo oooo oooo, you should ask my mom! she picked this stuff up for me before they came out for christmas and i've just been waiting to use it for my backdrop!

  3. Hi, I just wanted to write and tell you thank you for your blog. I lost quite a bit of weight over the last year, and suddenly I have no clothes to wear and had been kind of feeling lost! Your blog is perfect for me to get some inspiration and hope for my wardrobe. And... want to come visit and drink tea and sew/shop/make with me? :) heehee.

    My reason for my comment, besides the thank-you for being so inspiring, is... I know I'm totally late, but your northern lights collection was so beautiful and lovely! If you happen to ever make anything - especially your polaris (i think it is) dress, PLEASE let me know!

    xox sharilyn

  4. hello sharilyn, and what a compliment! you're lucky i didn't start running on foot to take you up on your offer!

    and thank you for your kind words/interest about the polaris dress! i've gotten quite a few questions about that dress and unfortunately i only had enough fabric to make one, went back for more and the fabric store had closed! i couldn't believe it, that cotton was so soft and beautiful!

    but as far as the northern lights designs, i might throw them in (just with other fabrics) to a couple other seasons. i need to start doing more of that more - i move on before i even grade them all!