little tiny birthday cake

it may not have been the best cake of all time, but it worked! i don't think any recipe was to blame, although the fact that i was trying to incorporate my favorite parts of three recipes could have been. i could blame billy though. i went to billy's bakery with jenny in new york and would have eaten every red velvet cupcake in the place if i had a million dollars. no, i'd bathe in a tub full of the red velvet cupcakes if i had a million dollars! THAT'S how much i loved them. after watching him on martha though, i'm starting to wonder if billy does any of the baking (the two tablespoons of baking soda part - like i said, i'm no baker, but does this sound cuckoo to anyone else?). i didn't use his recipe, but i followed the one-bowl method he talks about. although he claims it's a lot harder to overmix the batter, the clumps of butter kind of freaked me out, and i think over-mixing is exactly what i did. the cake was a bit tough, and i had been hoping for a nice, fluffy birthday cake. doug said he loved it though, and that made me feel awesome. now i can't wait to try more of the recipes that were passed along. and this time, maybe i'll leave billy out of it.


  1. Doesn't sound completely cuckoo (the recipe you linked to does say one :) ) - the buttermilk biscuit recipe I use is 4 cups flour/4 teaspoons of baking powder.

    I will say, make sure that stuff isn't caked in the can, and then you have the bright idea to start shaving it out of the container. As my friend said..."every bite was like a weird science experiment going on in my mouth". Yeah, huge chunks of baking powder everywhere.

    Whoops! Baking is always an experiment in terror for me...

  2. i think they fixed the print-out recipe, because what he says in the video is to use two. i think i'd be a little scared to try it out.

    maybe it's just that you're either a cook or a baker. i would definitely fall in to the cook category because i have a hard time following recipes exactly.

  3. Is this Cake in honor of Elvis or someone's actual birthday?

    Anyhow Happy Birthday! I get supper excited about January and Birthdays because I have too many friends born during this month, which can make going out and celebrating hard to do due to harsh weather conditions...well depending on where you live, which I live near Chicago so it gets pretty chilly and nasty out here.

    Plus I absolutely love chocolate cake I couldn’t pass up on making a comment on it. It’s absolutely lovely. And I too share the same love for velvet cake…it’s the color that hypnotizes me into a food eating frenzy. I actually made a velvet cake once and was confused because it called for cocoa. I guess I was under the impression that the cake was supposed to have a vanilla taste to it with some red color. But to my surprise it tasted much like chocolate cake, well of course because of the cocoa.

    All this cake talk makes me want to bake a cake…maybe I’ll try the velvet cake:>

  4. Happy Brithday Elvis!

  5. Ahhh yeah, i was like TWO TABLESPOONS! Insanity!

    Yeah, I'm definitely more of a cook...however teaching my roommate baking ended up with a lot of powdered sugar on the floor of the kitchen...so that went well I suppose. (better than a fire, right?)

  6. I, too, love, LOVE red velvet cupcakes, and Billy's is alright, BUT I think in NYC, the cupcake stop truck hands down has THE best cupcakes EVER! (and I think I've tried pretty much all of the "big name" bakeries). Next time you're here, you'll have to locate the truck, and try for yourself, I'm telling you, the best! - Amy