aubin + willis

all images taken from aubin + willis

these are old, but i still find them inspiring. i think it'd be pretty easy to knit something similar to the sweater. doesn't it just look so cozy? i think i'd live in it. speaking of which, i got a little sidetracked over the holidays, but i have finished the body to my bff cardigan that both jenny and i are knitting our own versions of, miles and miles apart. even though i'm a little nervous about it not being quite as roomy as i was originally hoping it would be, i'm loving how it's turning out. maybe it's the stripes, but most likely it's the fact that every time i work on it, i think of jenny.


  1. i love all the clean stripes! i think that cardigan would be pretty easy to knit - actually i've been plotting in my mind a similar design to be started soon.

  2. my husband got the tan/mustard socks in the middle top for christmas...he did well!

  3. err, i meant he got them for me...i dont think he would be caught dead in knee high socks!