more patterns available

i finished another knitting pattern over the weekend!  it's a standard size teapot cozy, and I've just added it to the shop!  it's available for purchase in two different ways, alone or combined with the small teapot cozy pattern.

these teapot covers are a lot of fun to make, and they knit up so quickly.  i thoroughly enjoyed having a small project to work on this weekend, even though you'd figure i'd be tired of all this test knitting.  a couple weekends back, i took the time to organize all my yarns and i'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of using up whatever odds and ends are left over from other projects.  i'm even stretching myself a little to modify patterns slightly so that I avoid buying MORE YARN!  although i'm in no way going to set this challenge for myself, i could easily get away with not buying another skein for at least a year!

i've decided to keep the giveaway commenting open for just a little longer too, so make sure to click the post below if you want to add your name to the group.  and thank you to the people who just keep buying away!  the encouragement is helping me to keep pushing ahead!

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