baby knits

over the last couple years of physical pain and medical trails, i've knit more and more to keep my sanity. even after my diagnosis of infertility, i would wistfully knit baby items as weird way of letting things go.  friends would have babies, and i'd usually pass on these little tiny knits thankful to have a gift on hand to give.  some i held onto, waiting for time to help me ease my grip and let go even more.

 blocking the chunky knit cardigan from erika knight's book, simple knits for cherished babies 

and then i found out i was pregnant, and something crazy happened.  i was terrified to knit baby things.  i'm not a superstitious person, but there was something so scary to me about knitting specifically for one person, knowing there was a chance that little person wouldn't make it.  i was afraid to have a physical reminder linked to longing and hope.  but just like all medical trials, a short, two week period of bed rest early on in me knowing about my pregnancy gave me little other to do than pick up the knitting needles. i found that the more i knit, the more i felt ready for whatever was ahead.

started off with a tiny zip up the back hooded baby sweater, an all time favorite item my mother-in-law had knit for my daughter years ago.  i have yet to add the zipper, but absolutely loved the pattern and the finished, tiny result.  i'm so glad this classic pattern has been made available for free!

since our baby will be born somewhere around the end of the year, i was convinced i needed to knit something even teenier for it to wear right away!  i used an old favorite pattern from erika knight's book, simple knits for cherished babies, and added my own garter stitch shawl collar after everything was seamed.  the pattern calls for chunky yarn, so i might be pushing it with this lion brand fishermen's wool dk/worsted weight yarn.  it's pretty little, but babies usually are!  we've taken a poll in the house and have decided all it needs it a little tiny pocket and leather buttons.  and a smoking pipe.

i'm only halfway through my next project, but it's turning out so perfectly, i had to share!  this is another classic pattern that has been made available for free online.  word is, they're the absolute best and actually stay on babies feet!  i originally saw spindelicious' perfect version on ravelry and would still love to knit an exact pair.  i thought i'd test out the pattern first using the knitpicks stroll i had on hand, and am so happy i did.  the pattern is great, i just made sure to slip that first stitch purlwise for the top of the toe section, knit or purl to the end and then knit or purl two together (like turning the second half of short row heel on a sock).  i am much happier with the result as opposed to whatever the pattern was asking me to do that i obviously could not wrap my head around.  oh, and i also shortened the cuff by 12 rows only because i was getting bored and tired.  i included the eyelets the pattern suggests, and plan on knitting an i-cord for the ankle out of a contrasting yarn to make them a little more interesting.  possibly a black and white tweed.

i'm sure i'll be fine if all i ever knit were these couple things, but if anyone else has some favorite baby patterns to pass on, i'd love to check them out!   


  1. Baby knits are such fun aren't they?! My all time favorite baby hat is the sweet baby cap http://grosblog.wordpress.com/2007/05/16/sweet-baby-cap/ It really is the sweetest in my opinion!

    And yay for the back zip sweater! That was one of our staples with A. Isn't the photo on the pattern page just the worst? ha!

  2. I'm so happy and excited for you, Elly! These are wonderful knits for your lil guy. I loved how fast the Latte Jacket by Frogginette was to knit up and you can make it in lots of sizes. Again, so happy for you, girl! :)

  3. Congratulations! I've made a few tiny pairs, for friends, of the garter stitch slippers from Knitting Without Tears (EZ); easy and fun to knit, and VERY cute/festive-looking, like little elf shoes. I also did a mini version of EZ's Maltese fisherman hat (Knitter's Almanac, I think), and that made a hilarious baby hat.

  4. You have long been one of my favorite bloggers and I'm so gad to see you back, especially with such exciting news! Congratulations!