icelandic knits + tretorn boots

wow, this video is breathtaking. when i saw it a couple weeks ago, it made me a little impatient for the heat of the summer to be over with. i can't wait to knit my next lopi sweater, this time for myself.


  1. I love my lopi sweater I got from iceland, make sure to make it quite oversized. They are not supposed to fit snug through the arms. They wear them as coats, just like how you layer scarfs under sweaters.

  2. Love it....wish I could have that lovely loosely knit cardigan version in the video. My old Lopi is soooo thick I rarely find occasion to wear it.....it gets down to 25 Cs below zero where I live but I find it difficult to wear as outerwear due to rain/snow/wind and too thick for layering. Love it though, Marianne..... obsessing over the color combo in the sweater on page 18 (model 21) here: http://istex.is/prjonabok/Istex21.html