where has july gone?!

cursive design
cursive design supermoon necklace + dip-dyed bracelet

so i guess the month is almost over, which means the close of summer is not far behind. i'm not ready for that, these last couple of months have been so fantastic. it's been a whirlwind of (mostly) beautiful weather, visits to the farmer's market, making new friends, lots of watermelon in the shade of our porch, walks, bike rides, a fun and too-quick visit from an old friend Sarah of Cursive Design, another visit from a friend of Doug's passing through on a bike ride across America, and one other visit from my sister and her family that i'll share pictures of in a bit.

even though Sarah and her husband only stayed a night, we had a lot of fun catching up. she left an amazing thank you gift of a supermoon necklace and brand new dip-dyed bracelet she had been working on for the multiple renegade craft fairs she was on her way to. not only is Sarah a kind friend, her jewelry is beautiful. even anthropologie thinks so.

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  1. i wasn't ready for summer to be over either and that bowl of cherries was my bread and butter alllll summer long. i love seasonal fruit!