catching up

Jen, Craig and The Funky Bunch

as i said before, my sister and her family came out for a week-long visit, and we all said goobye just a couple days ago. we had such a great time. my family is far from perfect, but as it grows and changes, we're learning how to connect and relate and it's good for the original family dynamic. plus, it's wonderful to see your children play with your sibling's children. they have a bond that's strong, and i love to be able to observe as that bond grows deeper the older they get.

it's really hard to remember to get out the camera while you're having fun, but i have plenty of fond memories. we spent the week relaxing, reading, talking, laughing, eating dinners together (some at home, some at our favorite places in town like the farmer's market), kite flying, going to the CIRCUS (we weren't sure what to expect, but it far surpassed jenah's original expectations of "two tires and a pot-belly pig"), introducing them to our favorite hangouts and friends, fishing, hiking, camping, going to museums, knitting (jen and i - we had to figure out something to do while the guys laughed like kids playing playstation), watching movies and all together, having a great week. it rushed by - just like a good visit should!


  1. I keep trying to see the post for the knitted hot water bottle cover with the pocket, but as soon as I arrive at that page, it takes me somewhere else.

    How can I get a copy of the pattern?

  2. sounds awesome, i love when you're having too much fun to take a picture :)