a month full of thank-yous

thumbprint notecard set

i just start to feel pretty smart about how little money we're spending on crap... and then the month of june hits. june is a popular month to be born in our house, and it seems all i've been doing lately is shopping, shopping, shopping! during the most recent excursion, i was so excited to find this thumbprint notecard set in the bookstore by the small object! we're big fans, and this stationary set is a perfect, useful gift. it'll be great for all those thank-yous we'll be writing.

birthday flowers

i haven't had much time to keep up on the interweeb now that summer is in full swing. i hope to answer some of your shop questions soon, and let you know what's in store for updates. i do have a couple garment house plans to keep me busy over the summer if i can squeeze in the time, but it wouldn't be summer if all my ducks were in a row, now would it?

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  1. happy happy birthday, elly! i know tova had a birthday too! june is my favorite month. now i get to celebrate not only my birthday every june but also j and my anniversary! hope you are having a fun summer! i still want to write you back, but am thinking i will save that for when i get back from my honeymoon. :)