clean slate

new dress + new studio
after the s/s 11 photo shoot, the shop update, an intense cleaning of the house for guests and moving into a new studio, i feel like i'm starting with a clean slate! spring is always the time of year to start fresh, and just like mickey d's, "i'm lovin' it." while the weather can't quite decide what season it is, i'm also loving the couple chances i've gotten to wear my new linen dress!


i've been meaning to remind everyone that the giveaway for the bachelor's button top ends soon, so head on over and comment! i'm so excited to see who wins!


  1. I Love that linen dress. I've had size issues with LE before, what size did you get if you don't mind my asking.

  2. Thanks! I really, really love the fit of the Land's End linen dress. I got my usual size six, and it fits a big looser than the dresses I usually wear, but the heavier weight of the linen really makes it feel right. I'm sure the four would fit well too, I was just worried about it being shorter, since I love the length of this size. So overall, i'd say that if you want it to be a bit more loose, order your usual dress size. If you are expecting it to be tighter, go down one or maybe even two sizes! I hope that helps.