left: maloof inspired rocker cradle by scott morrison
right: sam maloof

doug sent me a link today to martha stewart's show dedicated to fine woodworking. it looks like it was a beautiful episode, and funny too. i'm pretty sure doug is nick offerman's number one fan, and you can check his segment out here. he plays ron on parks and recreation, but is also a skilled woodworker.

martha also had her brother eric scott on as a guest, talking about how he took a class in georgia from charles brock on how to build a maloof-inspired rocking chair. watch it. if anything, it's worth seeing eric put martha in her place. the rocker he built is beautiful - how amazing would that class be?! i'm going to see if i can rope doug into buying the instructional dvd to build me my own. i believe you can never have too many rocking chairs.


  1. I might have to challenge Doug for the #1 fan title. "This chair isn't going to cane itself."

  2. thanks for the links! my partner has been getting back into woodworking lately (and has previously made some canoe paddles - although i've been waiting years for mine to be finished!) and he really enjoyed watching the videos with me.

  3. ahhh!! i can't believe ron is on martha stewart! awesome! i have to tell jed about this. he's my favorite!