gray paper packages tied up with string...


we have collected a good rotation of christmas records, there has been plenty of snuggling under blankets while watching christmas movies, we're eating far too many sweets, friends and neighbors are consistently dropping by to visit and drop of gifts and goodies, i am in an ongoing, full-fledged battle with our tree light fuses, and amazingly, all of our gifts are wrapped! yep, i believe it's a first for me. i'm usually a last minute wrapper, but this year i had the tools to get stuff done. holy smokes, how awesome are horizontal paper cutters? if you don't have one already, i highly suggest getting one for next year. along with a good, heavy tape dispenser, freezer paper tape, white circle office labels, a good pen and bakers twine, you're set for some serious holiday wrapping!

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  1. Merry Christmas! :) Your past few days sound lovely and cozy.