summer is WAY better with a list

after a couple days of losing our summer groove, and feeling sure we wouldn't be able to make it until school starts again, i decided it was time for a turnaround. with the help of mother extraordinaire sally shim, we headed outside with a blanket, a big piece of cardstock, a silver sharpie (best invention ever), and all our greatest ideas for some summer fun. sometimes just knowing the summer will be over before you know it isn't enough. it was time for us to get serious.

coming up with the list itself was such a fun activity for us, but taking the time to talk about what we'd like to do before school starts again has already paid off. here's a couple of the ideas we came up with:

  • picnic by the water
  • ride bikes
  • go camping
  • read at least five books a week
  • hike
  • visit both sets of families (halfway through this one)
  • go bowling
  • farmer's market
  • outdoor treasure hunt
  • make our own popsicles (check, my word, were they good!)
  • make ice cream in our camping ice cream maker
  • sidewalk chalk (check!)
  • have a day without electricity
  • make fresh lemonade
  • blow bubbles at the park
  • make a fort out of bedsheets (check!)
  • eat watermelon slices on porch (check, check!)
  • fly kites
  • postcards to loved ones
  • make sun tea (we do this about once a week, but why not add it too!)
  • finish reading fantastic mr. fox, then sit down and watch the movie together (check!)
  • get plenty of sun!
we were so excited about our list, that we ended up checking off four items right away! now, not everyone gets the chance to spend their summers with their kids, or maybe you don't even have children, but i'd still suggest making a summer list anyway. it can really make you appreciate the warmer weather and what little time you have before the schedule goes back to the regular lull of the cooler months.


  1. My summer to-do list contains only two items: (1) get a library card and (2) go camping, drink, and look at the stars.

    Despite #1 obviously being easier, it is the one I have not achieved yet, haha.

  2. Great list! Thank you for that little bit of Summer inspiration.

  3. This is such a sweet idea - I need to make one of my own, since the first half of summer passed by faster than I could ever have imagined! :)

  4. your list is inspiring and something I do every summer with my son and husband. I am a teacher and get the luxury of having a summer with my son each year...now he is 14 we still make the list and although he is into his video games and screen time...he still knows that summer means outside lunches on the deck, time each afternoon to read and a big holiday somewhere...also time to go camping as we live by the mountains. I love that you have a list full of simple pleasures and you inspired me today to look at mine again and add a few more to it!

  5. That looks exactly like the summer list that me and my kids are halfway through. Thanks for the reminder that when summer ends, all this freedom will be gone. I was beginning to look forward to having more quiet work time at home, but indeed, there are so many fun things to do together before that!


  6. love your list, elly! wish "visiting sally in pdx" was on the list, but i'll just wait until november! :)