wiksten spring + summer

i just got the mailer from jenny, announcing her shop opening tomorrow for the wiksten spring + summer collection. who else is hyperventilating about this? i myself am counting down the hours to be there, along with everyone else to watch the insane split-second sell out that always happens for jenny's collections. i already told jenny i'm in love with all her new pieces, like want-to-have-their-babies in love. i can't decide which one i love the best though, and dominic's beautiful photos aren't helping! gosh darn!

and although i was totally bummed to hear there are pieces jenny isn't going to be selling (oh people, you have no idea. there are things jenny creates that never even make the final cut! i'm talking about things that she thinks are her worst, that i'd be lucky to call my best!!!), but it does make my choosing a fave a little, tiny bit easier.

(all photos are either jenny or dominic's, link to their respective sources and were absolutely used without permission. what? just sayin.)

EDIT: MY WORD, i logged on first thing this morning, and everything had already been sold out!!! What the heck, did people sleep next to their computers?! Although I didn't even get a chance to snag something, I'm glad everyone else wanted something as badly as I did!


  1. you are an incredible best friend, and you are kinder to me than probably anyone in the whole world is. thank you for your post!

  2. Ahhh! What time tomorrow? <3

  3. I love your work, and Jenny's too, you're both awesome!

    and...er... could you please tell me the recipe for those amazing fries??? http://www.flickr.com/photos/olivgron/4596196228/
    they look so yummy!!!

    thank you,


  4. I hear you, Elly! My cats woke me up at 5:30 this morning because they were hungry, so I stumbled over to the computer to see if the shop was open yet--it wasn't--and by the time I got up for real at 9, everything was sold out! I spent an hour this morning trying to find similar royal blue ikat fabric, with the vague idea I will attempt to make a blouse for myself this summer! I am happy for Jenny--and not surprised--that she sold out so quickly.

    Re: your whale post, good friends of ours were just in Mystic, CT, and they raved about the seaport and aquarium there, which they said was really geared for kids. I went on a whale watch in that area when I was in 5th grade and spent most of the trip in the cabin sick, but what little I saw of the whales was pretty awesome. You must be looking so forward to the trip!