whitney, you're a winner!

may day, yeah riiight. sorry folks! i thought i would have more time over my weekend, but since it was doug's and my wedding anniversary, we were too busy celebrating! and i was going to do this the old fashioned way by drawing names out of a hat, but i couldn't wait any longer! and this free solar-y iphone app seemed fitting.

whitney's the winner, which was obviously meant to be since the post on her inspiring blog for our anniversary date has a photo of the ribbon doug and i used for our invitations! her comment was sweet, singing the praises of her supportive husband. whitney, i'll email you asap for your address.

this was so much fun for me - i have been inspired from your blogs over the last couple of weeks. i don't get around in the blog department, but your comments drew me in and just naturally introduced me to a whole handful of new people. thanks a lot!


  1. Congratulations to Whitney, and a belated very Happy Anniversary to you and your man!

  2. Will you be having more of the billy button necklaces up for sale?