you're tops!

creel bag, coming soon!

i've left my shop a little neglected over the last couple days, and i have some updates to make as soon as i get the chance. i had such a great time opening up the store and want to thank everyone who placed an order! wow, i feel so thankful and fortunate to be able to share what i make with everyone - onlookers and customers alike! it's really incredible. thank you so much for the encouragement and business.

i tried to catch up on most your questions yesterday, and i still have a few emails to go, but i did want to let everyone know that there should be some more necklaces and a couple new items in the shop very soon. two of my favorite items (the nuthatch dress and stellars jay jumper) are in the store now, so head on over if you're interested. also, i've had a lot of questions about when i'll be restocking the trellis top. although i can't get my hands on that fabric anymore, i may try to make some in a different fabric soon. i've got a couple other things on the list to complete before then, but i'll let everyone know once those clear. thanks again everyone!

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  1. i just looked at the purple scarf in your shop. it's gorgeous! i love the pattern. dang, girl.