shop news

hi everyone, i need your help.

it seems that no matter what time i pick to open up my shop, someone is left out or wishes i would open my store at a more convenient time. i'm just about ready to open up shop, and i'm wondering if maybe a weekend would be better than the usual weekday, or if pushing the upload time to be a little later in the day would help. i understand that not everyone works close to a computer, and if you've got your heart set on something, i'd love to give you the chance to get it!

my original plan was to just open up tomorrow at around lunch time est, but instead i'll give anyone who's interested the chance to give some feedback if there's a more favorable time. i do ship internationally, so i think i can work out a time that will accommodate a bigger chunk of time zones. hopefully. thanks guys!

i'll send out a mailer as soon as i pick the day, so go ahead and sign up!


  1. I have an interview tomorrow and will be away from my computer all afternoon, so selfishly I would love you to open up shop either first thing in the morning tomorrow or sometime over the weekend, but I think you should pick the time that is most convenient for you and run with it. Or, maybe release things in a staggered way--say, do two shop updates on different days with different clothes? Whatever you decide to do, I am so excited to see the full collection in the shop! Congratulations--you should be really proud of yourself for all of your hard work and for designing and making such beautiful clothes. I am confident you will sell out quickly!!

  2. Im in New Jersey, and after work and class I don't get to my computer until 8pm usually. (today is an exception) so after 8pm EST would be nice. I so wish where was in iPhone app for Big Cartel, that would help so much. Finally off topic here, I'd love if you offered some of your dresses in a size 8, I'd totally love it.

  3. awesome! thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. really, it makes my job a lot easier.

    i've been toying with the saturday idea, but i wasn't sure it would fly. we tend to be gone, so i wasn't sure if anyone else would by their computers either. it's funny that you said the multiple upldates thing kristien, because i forgot to mention that since i have so many items this time, i'm going to be replenishing the shop as time goes by and things sell. just a couple things to start out with so that it's not too overwhelming (for me mostly).

    i am SO with you on the bigcartel iphone app!!! for me, if i leave during the opening, it's really a pain to check the progress of my sales, and as a customer, using their online site on the phone is no fun either. i keep checking to see if they come out with one, but i wonder if i can rope doug into developing one.

    i will definitely be making more sizes too as time goes on.

  4. I think a later evening or Saturday morning opening would work. It's tricky just thinking about American time zones let alone international. I always want x-small sizes (31-32" bust), but I know it's challenging to offer a range of sizes when you make everything.

  5. You're so generous to try to accommodate everyone - that's amazing. But it seems like that would be pretty stressful? I think I'll consider it fate if I'm lucky enough to get to your shop in time! And if I'm not, better luck next time.

  6. Elly, I just got your shop update email! I love the name--flora and fauna. I was trying to figure out what the theme was among your new clothes, and I think I understand now why you would be drawn to the delicate floral prints, bright florals, and darker stripes and mustards. Really cool. I am so happy you'll be posting clothes to the shop over time. It's been hard for me to decide which Green Olives spring item to set my hopes on--so many choices! ;-) Best of luck with this first shop update.

  7. I'm with Grace on later evening and weekends.