beans + rice

i went out to lunch with doug the other day and had an incredible bowl of rice that inspired me to come home and make another the next day for dinner. for a little extra flavor, i dug around online until i found a recipe for a green sauce that i used love from wahoo's fish taco. mmm... miss that stuff. using just what i had in the house, i altered the recipe i found online resulting in a really simple, great dinner.

wahoo's green sauce:
  • bunch of cilantro
  • bunch of chives
  • bunch of green onions
  • two smashed garlic cloves
  • 1/2 cup of half and half
  • about a tablespoon of mayo (i figured that would be enough)
  • lime
  • salt and pepper
after failing to find all the pieces to my cuisinart, i realized that this recipe would give me a chance to use my neglected best friend the hand blender. once blended, pour as much as you'd like over cooked rice, shrimp, corn, tomatoes, canned black beans simmered in a cup of beer with sauteed garlic, onions and spices, and you're set! i found the green sauce to be even better the next day, and it made an awesome marinade for the tuna steaks we just happened to be thawing for dinner the next night.


  1. This sounds DELICIOUS! I can't wait to make it.. YUM! Thank you for sharing! My tummy is growling right now just thinking about it..

  2. this sounds delicious & simple to make. :D

  3. Recipe sounds lovely. But I'm from the UK and have no idea what half and half is! Wikipedia would have me throw in some Guinness and lager but I'm sceptical! Is it a low fat cream?

  4. awesome quick comment, elizabeth! that made me feel really great about taking the time to write it out. i really hope it works out for other people, too. that's the scary thing about recipes.

    hi sue! haha, guinness would be a little weird for sure! half and half IS a dairy product that has equal parts cream and whole milk:


    but you know, i think milk would work great too, i might just add a little fat (like olive oil) to it. hope that helps.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up! Sounds like half and half is single cream, cilantro is coriander and shrimps are prawns. Phew. It's hard work decoding these American recipes.

  6. sounds right on to me, sue! seriously, where's your english to english google translator when you need it?

  7. I know! I have to watch The Wire with subtitles so I guess that just about says it all. :D

  8. but i have to watch the wire with subtitles too, and i'm still like "whaaa?" fifty percent of the time. that's just how we do.